I firmly believe that the early and middle years are the most important years of our children's lives. These years mold the character of our future young ladies and gentlemen and define their identities. This is why, in these crucial years, we strive to build our students into independent long life learners.

We have worked so hard since our opening in 2003 to make EXCELLENCE our tradition and thanks to our talented and hardworking team we have succeeded.

We are a unique school in Cairo and Giza. We follow the national system yet with some international adaptations and customizations especially in the school system and the A-Level curriculums [ English , French and German Languages]. We also implement some of the best practices of international education in our school.

We offer a well-balanced curriculum that meets the different needs of our ambitious parents who have high expectations of their children.

Principal of Prim & Prep Stages
G. Aboulnasr


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