Caring families and a nourishing school go hand in hand to develop a healthy and well balanced new generation.
Our success in our mission of providing quality education in a wholesome environment relies heavily on the interaction between school and home. Accordingly, we enforce a good communication channel by holding regular parents' meetings. Parents are encouraged to keep up with their children's academic progress and attend the orientations and the meetings announced in the term newsletters.

Parents and teachers are encouraged to contact each other when student academic/ behavior concerns arise. These pop up meetings can be set through the 'Parent-Teacher Communication Slips' enclosed in the channel books.



Orientation meetings are held at the beginning of every academic year for all new comers to know more about the system and school procedures.

Because of our belief  that grades one, four and seven are the pillars of our children's early and middle years, we also hold orientation meetings for  parents who have children in these grades.

In these meetings parents meet their children's teachers and come to know more about the system and school procedures.


N.B. Press 'Newsletters & Schedules' icon to be updated with the dates of 'Parents' 

        & Orientation Meetings' for this academic year.

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