Message from the Secondary Principal


    Letter to Parents:

The choice of school begins with knowledge of families' needs and values.

Serving the educational needs of all segments of our society, is the MISSION OF "EGYPT DREAM" where we offer a broad and We follow the National system with some International balanced system of education.

adaptations, specially in all the A.Level subjects...

We are proud to have started our SECONDARY SECTION this year, by providing the school with qualified and experienced teachers who are motivated and eager to deliver our students to their new lives in Universities.

Following the policy of our school in adapting all new methods of Technology, we have started uploading all lessons in all the secondary subjects on the School Sight. Which is:

So in case of your son/daughter not attending school for any reason, you can open the sight and can follow up from home. (that is only for emergencies).

Thank you for your patience and cooperation and together we can do great things for our children.


Secondary Headmistress

Jehan Hossam Abdellatif



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