Message from the Nursery and KG Director:

School is defined as a place or an establishment to teach or educate students. Our school “ Egypt Dream Language School "

doesn’t fit under this definition as we are not a prominent educational firm only but a big family that its members share

love and care.Our school is not buildings and playgrounds only but souls keen to make a better future by creating their

own Egyptian Dream.In our quest of enlightenment we seek perfection of minds as well as souls. I believe that the early

years of school shape peoples’ lives on the future. That is why we choose a professional crew who are well trained to suit

the curriculums they are teaching. Innovations of our courses, books and resources to elevate our childrens’ awareness of

our native language, English language and Math skills are non-stop as we aren’t teaching children educational stuff only but

also the art of life.Our pupils’ are taught how to share, care, think, develop and above all feel proud to belong to EDS community.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Nursery and KG Director

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