vision mission and philosophy
Our Philosophy
We believe that children are pieces of marbles not yet carved, that can be easily influenced with the ideas and behavior of those around them. As such, we take extra care of creating the right environment that would help carve the personalities of our new generation. We also believe that knowing where we are going is far more important than how fast we are going. We make sure that our goals are clear and well defined before we head out to achieve them.
Our Vision
  •  To be the first choice for education.
  •  To promote academic excellence.
  •  To graduate self- esteemed, self-disciplined, motivated & life long learners
  •  To demonstrate high standards and expectations for school personnel.
  •  To foster goals and values that will be embraced by whom the school touches.
Our Vision
Mission and Goals

In partnership with students and their parents, our mission is to challenge our students to strive for spiritual maturity and academic excellence in a safe and positive educational environment. Our well selected staff nurture positive attitude and self worth. Our educational programs also promote self-discipline, motivated & life long learners.


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