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The acquisition of skills should be set within a broad and balanced curriculum, where children have the opportunity to experience a wide range of subjects, both within the curriculum and in extra- curricular activities.

  • We follow a constructivist approach to teaching through the development of critical and creative thinking skills in all subjects.
  • We encourage active participation by providing hands- on experience in all areas of the curriculum.
  • We build confidence in a child so that he/ she is able to accept praise and criticism and is encouraged to learn by his/her successes and mistakes.
  • The use of positive reward system communicates a high expectation for responsible and acceptable behavior.
  •  We strive to achieve the highest standards of education by combining the teaching of the Egyptian Ministry of Education syllabus and an integrated internationally competitive english language program. We compile our own booklets specially designed to serve the needs of our students.
  • Besides the academic excellence in literacy, innumeracy skills, physical and social sciences, computer, and internet education the school attaches a great deal of importance to furthering the pupil's creative and physical capabilities.

Hence we emphasize on:

  • Arts: Arts are the means by which children express their understanding and interpretation of the world. We Aim to provide stimulating opportunities for children to express their experiences through music, visual arts, dance, and drama.

  • Physical education: PE is an essential element of each child's school experience. They develop fitness, a healthy approach to life and an enjoyment of games and physical activities.

Events & extra-curricular activities:

  • Annual Party: To celebrate the end of our school year we organize our annual school party. They get to present their talents in acting, singing, and dancing. This builds up their characters and self confidence.

  • Field trips: We put a lot of effort in organizing field trips. We integrate experiences in the field trips in our educational program. One special trip is to our own farm where students' get first hand experience in agricultural activities, gardening, and farm animals husbandry.

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